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InVironments magazines are community-focused publications providing informative articles, lifestyle resources, and insight to help you make the most of living in Northern Illinois. Our readership comes from every corner of our area, from the most affluent, to community and social leaders, to local businesses. We feature people and organizations that enrich our communities and make this area a better place to live.

InVironments DeKalb County and InVironments Rochelle magazines deliver a positive editorial and advertising outlet to the greater DeKalb County and Rochelle communities. We feature beautiful 4-color photographs, cutting-edge design, and engaging commentary on the people, businesses, organizations, and events that inspire and interest you.

InVironments DeKalb County and InVironments Rochelle are each published on a bi-monthly basis, and now anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download our free app and enjoy InVironments digital magazine on the go!

Get INformed; get INspired; get INvolved with InVironments magazines.